Cadet Petty Officer First Class Lici “Speedy” Dominguez

“No words can define how blessed I am to be part of an amazing and extraordinary NJROTC family I have. Everything I have is by the Grace and love of God.” 

So many endless memories to tell the world that I don’t know where to start. With tears sliding down my cheeks I have been more than beyond blessed to have met my friends which I call family. First of all, I would like to give special thanks to Captain and Senior Chief for always being there when I most needed them. To all the officers, thank you for your great effort and dedication you gave to the company. For always being there to catch my attention when I was being a knucklehead and for all your advice. To the enlisted, without you we wouldn’t be standing strong as a family and company. You all have done a tremendous effort to keep the company going forward because not all schools have a JROTC company. Thank You! For making it happen for new cadets to be part of our traditions and footsteps of those who go out to make their dreams a reality. 

One of my favorite moments I had last year was on a comp day, when we arrived at the hotel and it was about time to go to bed. The room group Mani and I were in, we all decided to order Domino’s because we were starving to death after attacking each other in the pool. I got hurt that day too and Captain was upset at us and mostly at Mani. I couldn’t stop laughing at him but I guess Captain had the right to be mad at us because we were part of the PT team and he wanted us to do well. Big Brother G was part of the brother gang as well.       

This year’s favorite moment was that I got to see everyone put in all their effort when Captain Daniel Wenceslao came to inspect us and most importantly I came back my second semester to spend it with my lil sister. I can’t wait to see how far she goes and everyone in the company. I am very proud of each individual because if it wasn’t for you all and especially the freshman, we wouldn’t be where we are at keeping our traditions and memories.            

To all my Senior friends we are a few steps away from graduating and I just wanted to say how proud I am that we are almost there. A moment where we are going to decide where we want to go and which direction we want to go. I want to wish you the best out there and no matter how hard life hits us down to our knees, keep going forward and look back and remember why you started. Throughout my education I have learned that taking risks is worthwhile in life. I have failed Big! And it hasn’t been easy but you all have been my motivation to keep going forward and thank you Captain and Senior Chief for your humble advice.  

Seniors I encourage you to never give up, to keep that passion alive towards your dreams, keep growing in every aspect of your life. Keep moving forward, keep learning, and never forget to be you! :)

                                Cadet Petty Officer First Class Lici Dominguez 


Naval Science Instructor:  Cadet Dominguez has been such a pleasure to have in the unit.  I only wish he would have joined in his freshman year, who knows how far he could have risen.  His smile and personality are infectious and you will be missed by all.  Good luck in life.