Science Club visits Burke Museum and UW

Science Club visits Burke Museum and UW
Posted on 11/07/2017
Science Club visits Burke Museum and UWFrom John Gallagher and John Henry, PAHS teachers

Thanks to support from the YMCA and AmeriCorps, 27 Science Club students toured the University of Washington campus and visited the Burke Museum on Thursday, November 2, taking advantage of the half-day at school to get over to Seattle before the sun set for a change! 

Former Roughrider and UW Freshman Leah Haworth led the students on a tour of campus, stopping at Denny Hall (one of her favorite study spots), the Quad, Red Square, Suzzallo Graduate Reading Room (Harry Potter Library to today’s generation of students), and Drumheller Fountain. Along the way, Leah talked about her first year at college, time management, study skills, the intense workload and the stress it causes, and the support available to help students with all those things. While walking around campus and the Avenue, we ran into Emily Traughber (PAHS Class of 2017) and Karina Paup-Byrnes (PAHS Class of 2016), who first were surprised, and then quickly figured it out, “Oh, Science Club!”

At the Burke Museum, students were able to view the ongoing work of removing a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull from the rock where it had fossilized, and the plaster it is encased in. Last summer, Burke paleontologists discovered a skull that weighs 3,000 pounds, only the 15th ever discovered, and they are now exposing the skull right in front of visitors’ eyes! Students were also able to explore the rest of the museum’s natural and cultural treasures, including Washington state’s only dinosaur fossil and Native totem poles. One of the students immediately recognized the totems as being from the Haida Nation, and Michell Gentry explained how they are placed outside the museum in such a way to be “eaten by trees” as part of the tradition of totems.

Finally, Michael Chong (PAHS Class of 2016) met with our student group and offered to mentor any of them considering attending UW next year. Connectivity between past and present Roughriders carries on, even after high school graduation and into college years!

PAHS students who attended this field trip included:  Mercedes Shimko, Liam Johnston, Hanna Brown, Karina Ramirez, Kinnear Pierzchala, Bridget Lachner, Zion Davis, Kelli Fors, Mariya Mutel, Cecily Sangale, Tristan Lashua, Eva O’Neill, Matthew Mitchell, Alex Winebrenner, Hollund Bailey, Linus Waddell, Zoe Tucker, Gillian Elofson, Michael Scott, Emma Riffle, Emily Menshew, Mauritz Ahlburg, Titan Berson, Laila Arnorsdottir, Caitlin Hammond, Sol Wasankari and Liam Woolett.

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