Roughrider Cheerleaders Ready to Cheer!

Roughrider Cheerleaders Ready to Cheer!
Posted on 08/29/2018
Roughrider Cheerleaders Ready to Cheer!Roughrider cheerleaders are excited to begin the fall season supporting the sports, groups, student body and activities of PAHS. They have practiced throughout the summer.

PAHS cheerleaders participated in our local 4th of July parade, where they debuted new uniforms. In July, they attended a week-long NCA cheer-leadership camp at Central Washington University, and brought home a trophy for "most improved squad", a spirit stick trophy, 3 leadership ribbons in white (outstanding), red (excellent) and blue (superior), symbolizing attentiveness, encouragement, leadership, and technique!! 

Sarah Cameron received an ANC award (America Needs Cheerleaders) for exhibiting leadership and hard work. All American Team nominations were received by Makayla Peabody, Polly Price, Natasha Lipsky, Rhianna Stockdale and Lylli Woods. 

The group also attended two stunt clinics. Cheer coaches attended conferences as well.

PAHS cheerleaders would like to thank the community, their parents, families and school staff for support in raising money to cover the cost of these camps and uniforms. They are excited to lead and encourage cheering for PAHS sports programs beginning this fall. Go, Roughriders!