NJROTC Competition held Saturday, February 10, 2018

NJROTC Competition held Saturday, February 10, 2018
Posted on 02/12/2018
NJROTC Competition held Saturday, February 10, 2018


Thank you for your support in making our first NJROTC Competition a success! Our visitors felt welcomed to our community and enjoyed their time at PAHS. The weather even cooperated!

Here are PAHS’s results from the competition:

  • Armed Drill Team – 1st Place
  • Armed Drill Commander – 1st Place – Erin Edwards
  • Unarmed Drill Team – 3rd Place
  • Unarmed Drill Commander – 2nd Place – Makayla Peabody
  • Color Guard Team 1 – 2nd Place
  • Color Team 2 – 1st Place
  • Physical Strength Teams – 1sst Place and 3rd Place
  • Iron Women – Tana Hiigel/1st Place, Ellie Hiigel/2nd Place, and Kathryn Guttormsen/3rd Place
  • Iron Man – Austin Woods/4th Place
  • Dual Armed Exhibition Drill – 1st Place/Erin Edwards and Markus Musalek
  • Air Rifle (Sporter) – 5th Place and 8th Place
  • And, our Academic Team came in 1st Place, too!

Again, thanks to all for your help!

Jonathan Picker
CAPT, USN (ret)

For more information about the NJROTC program, contact Jonathan Picker at jpicker@portangelesschools.org.

(Photos by Patsene Dashiell/Port Angeles School District)

Kayla Turner and Santiago Dominguez gave service with a smile at the concessions area during a February 10 NJROTC competition hosted by Port Angeles High School.

(Above)  Kiara Schmitt doing sit-ups, with Tana Hiigel in support

(Above)  Raynan Mani and Austin Woods during push-ups with Kiara Schmitt, Ellie Hiigel, Kathryn Guttormsen looking on in support.

(Front to back) Ellie Hiigel, Kathryn Guttormsen, Tana Hiigel, Austin Woods, Raynan Mani preparing for push-ups.

For additional assistance, please contact:

M. Patsene Dashiell
Communications & Community Relations Coordinator
Ph: 360-565-3703
Port Angeles School District
Central Services – 216 East 4th Street
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