Our School

Our SchoolPort Angeles High School is located on the Olympic Peninsula in PortAngeles, Washington. The campus is comprised of 11 buildings onapproximately 39.7 acres.  Dates of construction range from 1953 through1978.  The facility supports grade nine through grade twelveclassrooms, as well as outdoor fields and an auditorium for district andcommunity recreation. The enrollment headcount is 1,079 as of September2014.

Our Vision

Vision:  Port Angeles HighSchool will be a personalized, rigorous, student-centered learningcommunity that respects our democratic heritage and values diversity inorder to create a better world.

Mission:  To prepare students for a lifetime of learning by creating a foundation for personal success.

Beliefs:  All students can learn. Learning is a life-long endeavor.  Teachers facilitate learning bycreating conditions for rigor, relevance, relationships andresponsibilities.

History of the Roughriders

"Roughrider" is the nickname for a famous American regimentthat fought under Theodore Roosevelt's leadership in the SpanishAmerican War of 1898. The official name of the regiment was the FirstUnited States volunteer cavalry. About 1,000 men, all "good shots andgood riders," were recruited for the unit. It soon became known by thenickname Roughriders, a popular name for Western cowboys.Washington Achievement Award

The Roughriders had their greatest day on July 1, 1898,during the battle of San Juan Hill in Cuba. Roosevelt led his men in avictorious charge up "Kettle Hill" which is near San Juan Hill. ManyAmericans died in the charge, but those who survived were hailed heroes.The fame of the Roughriders later helped Teddy Roosevelt in hispolitical activities.

Port Angeles High School Facts

• Our school colors are green and white.

• The Class of 2015 was awarded $5,070,974 in total scholarships to further their educational goals. A total of 116 students received scholarships from 131 local donors.

• Port Angeles High School has sister school relationships with Mutsu City, Japan and Thanshan, China.

• The school opened its current site in the fall of 1953 with the following dedication: “Thisbuilding, conceived and constructed by the citizens of today, isdedicated to the training of the citizens of tomorrow, so that they maycherish and hold their heritage of freedom of mind, spirit and body.”