Unit Leadership

Unit Leadership

Our Unit instructors are a team. Together they have over 5 years of JROTC Instructor experience and over 45 years of active-duty experience. Our Cadet Company Staff for the 2016/2017 school year were hand-selected based on the demonstrated leadership skills they exhibited last school year. Please click on the links below to learn about our Unit leadership.


Senior Naval Science Instructor

Captain Jonathan D. Picker, USN (Ret)

Captain Picker graduated from the University of Washington in 1983 and received his commission through the NROTC Scholarship Program. He subsequently attended flight school in Pensacola, Florida and was designated a Naval Aviator in February 1985.

Read more about Captain Picker here.

Naval Science InstructorSCPO Beck

Senior Chief Petty Officer Justin R. Beck, USN (Ret)


A native of Aberdeen, WA, Senior Chief Beck enlisted in the Navy October 15th, 1991. He attended Basic Training in Great Lakes, Illinois, followed by SONAR Technician Surface "A" School. After Graduating STG"A" School as Honor Man, he attended ITASS "C" School and AN/SQQ-89 Operations School in San Diego, California.

To read more about Senior Chief Beck click here

Cadet Staff

The Roughrider Company Cadet Staff, guided by the Naval Science Instructors, create the unit goals and direct the Cadet Company in accomplishing these goals. The Cadet Staff is the heart and soul of our NJROTC Unit, and the extra time and effort they put in is directly reflected in every success we enjoy.

Position Rank Name
Commanding Officer LCDR Erin Edwards
Executive Officer LT Titan Berson
Command Senior Chief SCPO Makayla Peabody
Operations Officer ENS Edwin Albright
Assistant Operations Officer ENS Dakota Manley
  CPO Malcolm Drakeford
  CPO Cody Dennis
Supply Officer ENS
Hollee Schnabel
Asst Supply Officer CPO Arianna Baar
Asst Supply Officer
PO1 Christopher Clark
Admin Officer LT Tasha Carney
Asst Admin Officer CPO Markus Musalek
Asst Admin Officer
Elena Robinson
Public Affairs Officer    LTJG Bronwyn Davis
Asst Public Affairs Officer PO1 Emma Murphy
Advisory Officers ENS Ben Yesiki
     PO1 Ellie Hiigel
PT Team Commander ENS
Edwin Albright
Air Rifle Team Commander LT
Tasha Carney
Color Guard Team Commander
Ben Yesiki
Armed Drill Team Commander LCDR
Erin Edwards
Unarmed Drill Team Commander SCPO Makayla Peabody
Cyber Patriot Team Commander LT
Titan Berson
 Academic Team Commander SCPO Makayla Peabody